Wonga Loans Review: Direct Lender Cash Advance Loan Until Payday

You’ve seen all the ads for Wonga loans, but what are they really like to borrow money from? There are a number of sites like Wonga online, but Wonga.com aims to separate itself from the competition with its ethical and transparent approach to non-traditional lending.

If you need emergency cash for any purpose, a payday cash loan from Wonga could provide the perfect solution. The application process is automated so, assuming that your application is approved, the funds will be sent directly to your bank account within the hour.

Wonga Loans Review: How Do You Get a Loan Until Payday?

New customers are required to have a full-time job and pass a credit check. Alan O’Sullivan of This is Money said that they use: “a complex ‘behavioural algorithm’ to weed out those potential clients with unsustainable borrowing patterns.” Just 15% of first-time applicants are currently accepted.

You can get the cash until payday that you urgently need as the duration of a direct lender cash advance can be for between 1 and 30 days. A new customer can immediately borrow up to £400. Once your “trust rating” improves, you’ll be able to get up to a £1,000 of Wonga money in the future.

They send the Wonga payday loan directly to your bank account within minutes and you’ll pay 4214% APR until the debt is repaid. The cost of borrowing is considered to be usury, but they aren’t hiding anything from you. Despite the eye-catching headline interest rate, they may still be cheaper than a bank charge.

Repaying Wonga Cash or a Direct Lender Cash Advance Early

If you’re in a position to repay the money you owe early, you can do so as the agreement is totally flexible. If you pay back your Wonga money prior to the due date, you’ll pay less interest. For example, borrowing £150 for 30 days will cost you £51.51 in interest. Pay it back after 10 days and it’ll cost you just £20.84.

Whether you pay back your Wonga cash early depends heavily upon your personal circumstances, but it’s nice to have the option should a bit of extra cash come your way. In order to repay the loan early, you’ll need to log in to your account so you can make a payment to them.

Is There Really a Wonga.com Scam?

Contrary to the claims of certain critics, there is no scam. They are a legitimate company that’s 100% transparent in terms of what they offer the customer. You may consider the terms of Wonga loans to be unfair or usury, but they certainly aren’t hiding anything from you.

After scrutinizing the terms of the agreement, you need to decide whether you need Wonga cash or whether sites like Wonga are more appropriate. If you have a very bad credit history or are currently out of work, a different direct lender cash advance may prove to be more suitable.

Unable to Repay Wonga Payday Loans?

If your circumstances change, you should call their collections team on 0844-842-9109 between 9 am and 10 pm, Monday to Friday. They’ll discuss your options, including the possibility of extending your Wonga payment plan by up to a month. Interest will continue to accrue on the outstanding balance for up to 60 days.

How to Prepare Your Credit Rating for Home Mortgage Approval

Your credit report is a crucial part of the home mortgage approval process and can be prepared to pass the home mortgage approval procedure with flying colors on condition that techniques are used to boost or preserve the credit rating prior to, and for the duration of the home mortgage approval.

Ask For Your Credit Report

You will order a copy of your credit report at least two years prior to you intend to ask for a home mortgage as you must make certain that there are no errors on the credit report in order to have it prepared for the home mortgage approval procedure. Mistakes on the credit report can lead to a lower score, but also a unfavourable reputation with the potential creditors.

What are the standard errors on the credit report?

There are several instances in which creditors may mark payments as unpunctually or even nonpayment when the payments have been made at the right time this can lead to possible future financial institutions to judge you as a hasardous lender. By contacting the loaner, this info can be changed to include correct and positive information which will inflate the credit rating of the candidate, making you appear as a reliable borrower.

Clear any Collections from the Credit File

The second step to take in order to get home mortgage approval is to clear your credit report. Collections accounts have been demonstrated to be prejudicial to the credit report and have been known to cost you up to 100 points from the credit rating bringing you down to the lower level. As an example a score of good with a collections account can bring you down to an average rating exposing the customer to higher interest rates and at the risk to be rejected by potential banks.

Repay Your Debts

Paying off your debts is another indispensable part that is analysed in the home mortgage approval procedure. When you pay off the debts to a maximum of thirty percent of the credit limit you ensure that your debt to credit limit ratio can maximize your credit score. This accounts for up to thirty percent of the credit rating, increasing your rating once the debt has been repaid. Opting for an aggressive repayment plan can have multiple positive issues on the credit rating and proves to future lenders reliable borrowing practices and the capacity to pay off debts.

Having a high credit rating can optimize the ability of the consumer to get home mortgage approval. Although there are different techniques which can be applied to boost the credit rating, constant payments and a low debt to credit ratio can be the most advantageous way to prepare your credit rating if you want to have a home mortgage.

Once you have applied all of these procedures it is time to inquire with the potential home mortgage companies and financial institutions the amount of a loan which can be pre-approved. Making sure that you are pre-approved for a home mortgage can help in specifying the budget that should be bound to while searching for the house you dreamed of.